Junior league

  • 48 min.
  • 2013-2018
  • СТС

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General information

  • Year
  • Country
  • Genre
    sport, melodrama
  • Seasons
    Junior league (2013) Junior league 2 season (2014) Junior league 3 season (2015) Junior league: Confrontation (2016) Junior league: Adult life (2017) Junior league: Final (2018)
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  • Synopsis
    The "Bears" have never been the youth league's top team. The goalkeeper is a bit sluggish, the defense players are lazy, and the leaders are too self-centered. They get onto the ice, but show no team play… However, things are going to change, as the team is taken over by Sergei Makeyev (Denis Nikiforov), a young coach. A former NHL star, he had to give up his career and return to Russia because of an injury. The newly-minted coach is faced with an impossible task of winning the championship and building up a team of first-class players. Makeyev must turn his guys into real bears, who’d be ready to tear their opponents to shreds in order to win… But it's a very challenging task, as his team members have so many other interests apart from hockey – school, friends and, of course, girls. In addition, the club manager isn’t exactly happy with the ambitious new coach…


  • Director
    Sergey Arlanov
  • Script
    Leonid Kuprido, Alexand Bulynko, Alexander Tukun, Sergey Olekhnik
  • Cameraman
    Sergey Kiselev
  • Producers
    Vyacheslav Murugov, Fedor Bondarchuk, Dmitriy Tabarchuk, Dmitriy Rudovskiy, Sergey Arlanov
  • Composer
    Leonid Lener
  • Art director
    Mikhail Karyagin, Yakov Makarov, Timur Shagiakhmedov


  • Denis Nikiforov
    Denis Nikiforov ...Sergey Makeev
  • Fedor Bondarchuk
    Fedor Bondarchuk ...Kalinin Oleg, oligarch
  • Vladimir Zaytsev
    Vladimir Zaytsev ...Vadim Kazantsev
  • Alexander Sokolovskiy
    Alexander Sokolovskiy ...Egor Schukin
  • Vlad Kanopka
    Vlad Kanopka ...Andrew Kislyak
  • Ivan Jhvakin
    Ivan Jhvakin ...Alexander Kostrov
  • Макар Запорожский
    Макар Запорожский ...Дима Щукин
  • Илья Коробко
    Илья Коробко ...Михаил Пономарев
  • Игорь Огурцов
    Игорь Огурцов ...Семен Бакин
  • Иван Мулин
    Иван Мулин ...Антон Антипов
  • Иван Дубровский
    Иван Дубровский ...Вадим Назаров
  • Юлия Маргулис
    Юлия Маргулис ...Марина
  • Сергей Комаров
    Сергей Комаров ...Романенко Юрий Михайлович, второй тренер
  • Мария Иващенко
    Мария Иващенко ...Алина
  • Анна Михайловская
    Анна Михайловская ...Яна
  • Мария Пирогова
    Мария Пирогова ...Оля
  • Ксения Лаврова-Глинка
    Ксения Лаврова-Глинка ...Ольга Кострова
  • Анатолий Лобоцкий
    Анатолий Лобоцкий ...Станислав Костров
  • Николай Добрынин
    Николай Добрынин ...Николай Бакин
  • Елена Галибина
    Елена Галибина ...Зоя Бакина
  • Серафима Низовская
    Серафима Низовская ...Юлия Антипова
  • Наталья Терешкова
    Наталья Терешкова ...Рита
  • Анатолий Кот
    Анатолий Кот ...Жилин
  • Natalia Rudova
    Natalia Rudova ...Natalie
  • Sofia Shutkina
    Sofia Shutkina ...Nastya
  • Maria Akhmetzyanova
    Maria Akhmetzyanova ...Kira
  • Vladimir Yaglych
    Vladimir Yaglych ...Ruslan

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