Junior league

  • 2013-2019
  • STS
  • 6 seasons
  • 48 min.

About project

General information

  • Year
  • Country
  • Genre
    sport, melodrama
  • Seasons
    Junior league (2013) Junior league 2 season (2014) Junior league 3 season (2015) Junior league: Confrontation (2016) Junior league: Adult life (2017) Junior league: Final (2018)
  • Film rating
  • Synopsis
    The series tells the story of the Medvedi (Bears), a youth ice hockey club based in a provincial town (capital of a region in central European Russia). The protagonists are team players, aged 17-19, who have had a passion for ice hockey for as long as they can remember. A professional career is a dream for each of the players, but pursuing it turns out a challenging task. In addition to ice battles, the series brings into the spotlight the private life of some of the players and their new coach. Hard-earned victories, dramatic defeats, first true romance, leaps of faith and triumphs over circumstances are the environment where yesterday’s boys will become true men.


  • Director
    Sergey Arlanov, Andrey Golovkov
  • Script
    Leonid Kuprido, Alexand Bulynko, Alexander Tukun, Sergey Olekhnik
  • Cameraman
    Sergey Kiselev
  • Producers
    Vyacheslav Murugov, Fedor Bondarchuk, Dmitriy Tabarchuk, Dmitriy Rudovskiy, Sergey Arlanov
  • Composer
    Leonid Lener
  • Art director
    Mikhail Karyagin, Yakov Makarov, Timur Shagiakhmedov


  • Denis Nikiforov
    Denis Nikiforov ...Sergey Makeev
  • Fedor Bondarchuk
    Fedor Bondarchuk ...Kalinin Oleg, oligarch
  • Vladimir Zaytsev
    Vladimir Zaytsev ...Vadim Kazantsev
  • Alexander Sokolovskiy
    Alexander Sokolovskiy ...Egor Schukin
  • Vlad Kanopka
    Vlad Kanopka ...Andrew Kislyak
  • Ivan Jhvakin
    Ivan Jhvakin ...Alexander Kostrov
  • Makar Zaporozhskiy
    Makar Zaporozhskiy ...Dima Schukin
  • Ilya Korobko
    Ilya Korobko ...Mikhail Ponomarev
  • Igor Ogurtsov
    Igor Ogurtsov ...Semen Bakin
  • Ivan Mulin
    Ivan Mulin ...Anton Antipov
  • Ivan Dubrovskiy
    Ivan Dubrovskiy ...Vadim Nazarov
  • Julia Margulis
    Julia Margulis ...Marina Kasatkina
  • Sergei Komarov
    Sergei Komarov ...Yuri Romanenko
  • Maria Ivashenko
    Maria Ivashenko ...Alina Morozova
  • Anna Mikhailovskaya
    Anna Mikhailovskaya ...Yana
  • Maria Pirogova
    Maria Pirogova ...Olya
  • Ksenia Lavrova-Glinka
    Ksenia Lavrova-Glinka ...Olga Kostrova
  • Anatoliy Lobotskiy
    Anatoliy Lobotskiy ...Stanislav Kostrov
  • Nikolay Dobrynin
    Nikolay Dobrynin ...Nikolay Bakin
  • Elena Galibina
    Elena Galibina ...Zoya Bakina
  • Serafima Nizovskaya
    Serafima Nizovskaya ...Julia Antipova
  • Natalia Tereshkova
    Natalia Tereshkova ...Rita
  • Anatoliy Kot
    Anatoliy Kot ...Zhilin
  • Natalia Rudova
    Natalia Rudova ...Natalie
  • Sofia Shutkina
    Sofia Shutkina ...Nastya
  • Maria Akhmetzyanova
    Maria Akhmetzyanova ...Kira
  • Vladimir Yaglych
    Vladimir Yaglych ...Ruslan
  • Artem Gubin
    Artem Gubin ...Kuzma Shmelev
  • Stanislav Pekhovskiy
    Stanislav Pekhovskiy ...Vladislav Kunitsyn
  • Maxim Litovchenko
    Maxim Litovchenko ...Vsevolod Gorovoy
  • Andrew Merzlikin
    Andrew Merzlikin ...Maxim Streltsov
  • Sergei Gorobchenko
    Sergei Gorobchenko ...Boris Nikitin
  • Timur Efremenkov
    Timur Efremenkov ...Bushmanov
  • Anastasia Ukolova
    Anastasia Ukolova ...Masha Nikitina
  • Evgeniy Romantsov
    Evgeniy Romantsov ...Platonov
  • Ekaterina Klimova
    Ekaterina Klimova ...Victoria Kashtanova
  • Sergei Shakurov
    Sergei Shakurov ...Ivan Kachalov
  • Alexey Surenskiy
    Alexey Surenskiy ...Kirill Emelyanov
  • Matvey Zubalevich
    Matvey Zubalevich ...Smirnov
  • Petr Kislov
    Petr Kislov ...Ivan Savchuk
  • Yana Koshkina
    Yana Koshkina ...Svetlana Savchuk
  • Petr Kovrizhnykh
    Petr Kovrizhnykh ...Ilya Berezin
  • Yana Enzhaeva
    Yana Enzhaeva ...Dina
  • Angelina Strechina
    Angelina Strechina ...Alisa
  • Daria Rudenok
    Daria Rudenok ...Lena
  • Tatiana Shumova
    Tatiana Shumova ...Nadezhda Orlova
  • Yuriy Lakhin
    Yuriy Lakhin ...Victor Kislyak
  • Mikhail Gavrilov
    Mikhail Gavrilov ...Evgeniy Tsarev

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