One! Two! Love you!

  • 2013
  • Russia 1
  • 1 season
  • 44 min.

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General information

  • Year
  • Country
  • Genre
    comedy, melodrama
  • Film rating
  • Synopsis
    Marina, a young woman from the Cossack community, works as an engineer at the local chocolate factory – and can’t wait to hear from her husband, who left to earn a living in Moscow shortly after the wedding. Marina's coworkers include her best friend Alyona, an eccentric single young woman who dreams of marrying "a real man", and Andrey, a modest and taciturn technician. He has had a crush on Marina for a long time, but things did not work out between them. One day, Marina learns that her husband has died. Andrey also receives disheartening news of his better half: his wife, who works in Krasnodar as a nurse, is pregnant with another man's child. It would seem that this is Andrey's chance to finally woo Marina – but fate has other plans. To the great astonishment of Andrey and the rest of the village, Marina triumphantly drives down the streets in a luxurious pink limo, driven by a suave and charming man named Vladimir.


  • Director
    Alexandra Butko
  • Script
    Margarita Smirnova
  • Cameraman
    Pavel Trubnikov
  • Producers
    Fedor Bondarchuk, Ekaterina Ephanova, Dmitriy Rudovskiy, Rimma Smirnova
  • Composer
    Andrew Antonenko
  • Art director
    Igor Kotsarev


  • Ekaterina Vilkova
    Ekaterina Vilkova ...Marina
  • Kristina Babushkina
    Kristina Babushkina ...Alena
  • Andrew Merzlikin
    Andrew Merzlikin ...Andrew
  • Alexey Makarov
    Alexey Makarov ...Vladimir

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