• 2015
  • STS
  • 1 season
  • 24 min.

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    This humorous sketch comedy describes situations that any student can relate to. #Students is a youth TV show that features loosely connected sketches, showing different sides of the crazy and hectic student life. Here, you will meet characters you can spot in any university: a money-grabbing principal; a girl whose study mates end up falling in love with her; a bunch of video game geeks; members of the neighborhood watch who are rather overzealous about their job; arrogant senior students; and many others. All of the sketches are underpinned with light, surprising, and absurd humor.


  • Director
    Ilya Aksenov
  • Script
    Alexander Vinichenko, Alexander Korotkov, Georgy Gigashvili, Daniil Berdov, Ilya Belomytsev, Kirill Legai, Dmitry Potemkin, Maxim Korolyov, Maxim Shlandik, Timofey Severny, Ilya Aksenov
  • Cameraman
    Boris Kirisenko, Ian Shevtsov
  • Producers
    Vyacheslav Murugov, Fedor Bondarchuk, Dmitry Rudovsky, Dmitry Tabarchuk, Vladimir Neklyudov
  • Art director
    Anna Andreeva


  • Christina Talyzina
    Christina Talyzina
  • Alexey Maklakov
    Alexey Maklakov
  • Alexander Korotkov
    Alexander Korotkov
  • Irina Chesnokova
    Irina Chesnokova

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