The day after

  • 2013-2016
  • STS
  • 3 seasons
  • 48 min.

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General information

  • Year
  • Country
  • Genre
  • Seasons
    The day after (2013) The day after 2 (2014) The day after 3 (2015)
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  • Synopsis
    The plot of series transfers viewers to Moscow in the near future. Now it is not a common city of Moscow, which never sleeps, but the city, captured by a deadly epidemic, declared a “closed zone” and under control of “Vershina” corporation forces. In an attempt to create a new race of super-people, the powerful “Vershina” corporation creates a virus which is meant to be tested in public. However, container gets damaged while transporting, and the virus breaks free. At the same time eleven young people recover consciousness in a mysterious underground bunker. They don't know, that they were chosen as laboratory rats, and that mass epidemic outside bunker spreads through the city affecting people and turning them into terrible monsters…


  • Director
    Dushan Gligorov, Alexander Boguslavskiy
  • Script
    Anastasia Istomina
  • Cameraman
    Batyr Morgachev
  • Producers
    Vladimir Nekludov, Rimma Shulgina, Anna Olshevskaya, Dmitriy Tabarchuk, Dmitriy Rudovskiy
  • Composer
    Anton Novoseltsev
  • Art director
    Oleg Smarovskiy


  • Evgenia Rozanova
    Evgenia Rozanova ...Nadezhda Goldman
  • Dmitriy Endaltsev
    Dmitriy Endaltsev ...Mitya
  • Sergey Godin
    Sergey Godin ...Valera
  • Ivan Makarevich
    Ivan Makarevich ...Skat
  • Bibigul Suynshallina
    Bibigul Suynshallina ...Aizhan
  • Irina Barinova
    Irina Barinova ...Inga
  • Philippe Reinhardt
    Philippe Reinhardt ...Hauskhofer
  • Tatyana Kazuchic
    Tatyana Kazuchic ...Veronika Fadeeva

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